ribbons for FREE!

yup! you got it right... someone is giving away FREE RIBBONS!!! maricar of paper goodness is giving these away!

As I was checking my mails from my scrapping yahoogroup, her post got my attention. She was informing the members that she is celebrating her FIRST ANNIVERSARY. Being a beginner (& a collector :p) in scrapbooking, I really look for good finds especially for papers (knowing that it is not as cheap as a scrap should be :p). I was curious with what she has in store so I checked her blog. It was my first time to visit her site and I was awed with what she is offering.

Then I wish I could have those ribbons, it will be great addition to my collection... but anyway, whoever gets it will definitely be as happy as I will be if I get to bring it home... so those who are interested, drop by her site and leave a note.

to Maricar, congratulations!!! more fruitful years to paper goodness... i'll visit your site more often now that i found it...
ps... can you award the winner 55 ribbons and give the remaining ones to me? :)


Stephen said...

Neat blog and post here. Ribbons are so pretty and colorful...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll add yours to my favorites and I appreciate you do the same for me. Good luck!

Maricar said...

Hi Mari, Your post made me smile. I identify with the urge to collect scrap stuff. Good luck with the giveaway. I can't give the winner only 55 ribbons, since I promised 60. :) But be sure to visit Paper Goodness often because I've got more cool stuff in store this month. ;)