paraiso: the movie

Being a member of SFC-CFC Community taught me many things. One of which is sharing my blessings...

GK or Gawad Kalinga is one of the major community of CFC. The main goal is to build houses for our less fortunate brothers and sisters and their family. So far, the goal is slowly reaching individuals outside CFC. Some companies and other organizations have been adopting several sites and donated houses to the families.

Now the leaders of CFC Community are starting to share GK's goals to common individuals through the media, the movie. They made a movie, PARAISO, to add funds for GK projects. I'd like to share this link for those who wanted to know more about the movie.

I am no longer as active as I was before in terms of my community participation but now I can help promote GK in my simple way. Please watch PARAISO, THE MOVIE. Not only do you enjoy the film but you will also help our brothers and sisters to have decent homes!

GO GK!!! GO GK 777...

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