first cycle

I feel like I am a butterfly. I had to undergo different cycles until i finally turn into one :p

What a funny analogy for my trying to conceive stage... I can wait longer but I just want to be assured that I will be a butterfly someday and not just a caterpillar :)

As I have written before, I am undergoing my first cycle TTC. I started when I finally agreed to take Clomid for 5 consecutive days at 8 am on my 2nd to 6th day of mens. I don't know if it is considered the side effect of Clomid but I had many and some big pimples on my face. Aside from that, I didn't experience or felt anything else.

On my 11th day, I went for my first follicle monitoring. It showed that I only had 1 big follicle, and 7 smaller ones.

On my 13th day, I went back for my 2nd monitoring and this time, my one big follicle was bigger and was ready to be "burst". I had pregnyl injection to help with my cycle. We had scheduled to have contact after 24 hours ;) then I have to report back to my OB on my 19th day after my 3rd monitoring.

The feedback for my 3rd monitoring, I already ovulated daw. 'You ovulated. Yes, you really did ovulate' (yan sabi ng OB na nagmonitor, natawa pa si doc nung ginaya ko yung pagkakasabi nya ;)

So now, I am again on my waiting period. I have until August 10 to confirm if the cycle succeeded... hay!!!

I didn't spend that much for this cycle. Unlike other TTCers, I didn't spend 25K for one cycle. It was more or less around 5K only. Thank you for Maxicare... it handled the consultation fees :)


Ann said...

Hi Mari, pareho pala tayo. Where undergoing this workout too for the first time. Kaya super nakakatuwa si hubby kasi super masunurin siya sa mga sinasabi ni OB.

Sched ko for follicle monitoring on Friday. Wish us luck! And I'm also praying na this time mag-succeed yung cycle mo :)

Rocks said...

Wishing you all the best..and our prayers for you too.

:) let's just keep on hoping.