blog hopping mode

I've been busy the previous days with work (yup, i do have an online job now :) and I haven't been blog hopping for almost a week now. There are times when I have a chance to peep into my favorite blogs but I had to do it really fast.

Today, I finish my work early and husband's out (their company sponsored the latest Harry Potter movie) to watch it and have a little bonding (daw!) with his officemates. He will go home much later so I have all the time to be in front of the computer and enjoy it for myself.

As for my blog hopping, I was able to visit Aggie's site and read about her dad's situation. I hope he gets well soon and nothing serious is bound to happen... knock on wood!

I drop by Mec's site too! I was supposed to leave a message but I think there's something wrong with the chat box... Anyway, sis I just want to thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment here in my blog. The sad news, it was indeed negative. I am now on my first cycle of Clomid and I'll have my follicle monitoring ultrasound on tuesday... Hay!!! :p

Then I also got the chance to read Jenn's blog . I can totally relate to her financial woes. But at least she has a pretty baby Jessica with her. I think it's just right to have a simple baptism for her. Besides, what's more important is that she'll be baptized and be a Christian already :)

Aside from my blog hopping thing, I was trying to look for sites like pay-per-post, etc that pays you for blogging their items. Can anyone help me? What's makes a blog qualified for that? I've been going back to pay per post but I don't know what should be my next step... HELP! I really need someone here please.

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