another wedding in the family

My brother mark and mathy have been together since they were still in highschool. That was almost a decade ago, they were just 15 years old then or even younger. All those years, they stuck with each other.

They went to different places in college, Mathy went in Manila and studied at UE while Mark went to Baguio. Throughout the years, I never saw my brother flirt with other girls. He was a one-woman man.

And finally they are tying the knot in December. As usual, I am as excited as they are. This means another set of wedding preparation and another test for my wedding coordination ability... haha!! Let's see what might happen next... for now, we're going to DIvi on Aug 11 to buy tela for the gowns... I might as well buy tela for my dress, but I still have to check on the design that I have in mind, if I will look good in it :p

btw... I am already working on their wedsite. check it out HERE if you have time.

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