water essentials

It has been more than 48 hours now, as of this writing, since we last had free, strong flowing water in our faucet. Reports said that a pipe fell from the main water tank. Technicians are working on it now but they are expecting that this water shortage will run for a week. Residents of Phase 4 are the mostly affected. Though we are at Phase 5, we are still affected because our water supply was tapped from the Phase 4 line.

I really wish that they can restore our water supply immediately. I am very much affected by this. SInce I am a housewife and I stay at home most of the time, you may know how important water is to me. This starts in the morning where I have to cook. I need water to wash the rice and the food that I prepare. I also need water to wash the dishes and pots and pans. I use water to clean my mop which I use to wipe the floor. I use water to clean the bathroom, etc. Water is essential since I also need to take a bath before I start sitting in front of my computer. I can not survive the day without drinking water or using it to make juice. Water is needed when I have to wash our clothes... and the list goes on!

Last night, I was able to collect water through the drops that started to flow. It took me some time to fill a pail. By 12 midnight, I had filled up most of our pails and drums. It was so tiring and I was so sleepy by then. It is better than I have to fetch water from the neigbor who has 'jetmatic' pump.

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