thanks wifespeak!

I am a frequent reader of wifespeaks, a site where they talk about the life of being a wife. I like reading this site because i can relate to their topic and i experience the same situations that they are into. What i love most about this site is where they discuss a certain topic and readers can join with the discussion. There are times that I share some of my thoughts but most of the time, I write my reactions here in my blog.

For more than a year I was not able to blog here and I also lost track of the wifespeaks' site. Then last week when I was able to retrieve my old account through blogger, I noticed that I had comments under my post on handling husband's vices. I didn't read it yet because it was already getting late. Then yesterday, while I am improving my site I noticed it again. So I opened it and found out that cynch and mrspartygirl, wives from wifespeaks, visited, read and commented on my blog. I'm so happy that finally, someone (other than my friends) find their way to this link. That doesn't end there, because when I finally browsed to their site again, i found out that they also linked me up. :) Yahoo! Another first to my blog :D.

Now I feel more inspired because I can say that I am already a member of the blog community. It also makes me go back more to the wifespeaks site and post to their discussions. I can also say tha 'once a "misis", always a "misis"... or should i say an "amiga" to the "misis".