moving on with life

10 years ago I was just enjoying being a sister. I am the eldest so I am tasked to look after my younger siblings. I am an 'ate' in every way and I guess they are just so lucky to have me :)
Present day, I am still an 'ate' to a much bigger siblings (both in height and in size). I now look like the youngest in the family. My siblings have always looked up at me but now I look up to them. So what am I trying to say here? I just want to say that things are not the same anymore. My siblings or 'adings' as I fondly call them (in Ilocano, it means someone younger) have started to move on with their lives.

Ace my sissy, is now in KSA. She finally took the plunge on being an OFW. She's now working as a medical technologist in one of the hospitals there. She just left and she'll be staying there till 2009.

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