happy father's day, daddy

Second sunday of June (June 17 for this year) is a very special day for our fathers. This is the day that we celebrate how important they are in our lives. I didn't have the chance to celebrate it with my daddy but I texted him and greeted him. This is what I texted him: "Happy Father's Day Daddy! I love you... kahit sutil ka at makulit. Sana wag kang magsasawa magpautang sa akin at magpakabait ka jan. Miss you, mwah!" That's how I picture my dad, he's always on the go. Finding time to tease me to the point that he makes me cry. He is so supportive of whatever I want, though at times he feels different about it.
I am the eldest child, so I had the most attention from him. When I was growing, I'd always wish to be near him. I even have a keloid in my knee to attest to the fact that I run after him when he tried sneaking out to work. Since he was a salesman and part of his work is being relocated to different areas, I am always with him. If he gets to transfer to other area, I'd be transferring as well. (Check the fact that I attended 5 schools in my elementary days.) Since I have 4 younger siblings, which my mom looks after, it was always been the two of us most of the time.
Daddy has had high expectations from me. He was always there whenever school cards are being released. He'd treat me out if he sees that I have high grades. He is ever present during school recognition to pin my medals. He was so supportive in my studies. He'd always tell his friends that I belong to the honor roll, that I am very good in class, etc. He was happier when I passed my UPCAT. He went with me when I enrolled in UP. He makes sure that I am well-taken cared and that all my needs are given... but I failed him. After college, I didn't push through with Med school. I know that he was disappointed then but he didn't show it. He was still supportive when I shifted to being an Entrepreneur.
Now that I am already married, he still shows that I am still his baby. He'd call and text from time to time, making sure that I am okay. He'd tease me about having his 'apo' (grandchild) from me which I can not give yet for now. He is a doting grandfather to our "Marithe Jersey" (my brother's baby) whom he only sees in a blue moon, that is why he wants to have his 'apo' from me.
I may not be beside him on father's day, I know that my dad knows how much I wished to be there. I miss him so much, his antics, his cooking... everything. I wish I'll be able to go home again soon and spend sometime with them, with him & mommy.

This was our picture together when we attended Ditto's wedding in Sept 2006.

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