gaining and losing people

Friday, June 22 is a day to remember. I woke up and checked on my cellphone for the time but instead, I was surprised to see a text message from my bestfriend, Ley. Her message was to 'call Rochelle asap, something is happening (or was it, happened? i can't remember the exact words) to her'. This was almost the same scenario, almost a year ago when Ley again texted me about Jaily's husband Bong. I didn't call Rochelle yet that time because (1) I don't have load & (2) Gwen's cp was batt empty. So I texted Ley again, asking her 'what is it about'. She replied, 'Basta, call her". That was just something past 8am so I don't know if I should call Rochelle in her office or at home. So I just opted to call her through her cellphone. She was still inside the FX on her way to the office. So I asked her what happened.. she said that she is getting married few weeks from now! My initial reaction was, why is it so fast? What's the hurry? Then I thought that she has her reasons. And yes she does! She wants to spend the rest of her life with the person that really loves her, values her and takes care of her despite all... It's high time anyway. She needs to move on and enjoy the bliss of marriage.

Now, we have added another member to our growing AMIABLE Family. After the coming of Gabriel Mark Longgat and Miguel Abogado, we now offically welcome EDISON.

- o -

And on losing, I just hate to hear when someone who is good and responsible has to leave his family all so sudden. Later ther day, dad texted me that my ATE MARGIE's husband, KUYA ELMER died last night. He was sick and wasn't able to recover from it. The first person that I thought of was KEVIN. He is so young to be fatherless. How will he accept this fact? That the only parent that he has with him is gone. How can he face his future? What will be the chances and how will he cope with it? He is so close to his dad. Ever since, it was just he and his dad since Ate had to work overseas. Kuya was the mama and papa at the same time. He was the one he calls for when he needs something, he is the one that he runs to when he has problems...

I just pray that KEVIN will move on! That he be strong... May Kuya's soul rest in peace, wherever he is now.

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