44 facts about me

Before I post a more serious article, I'd like to warm up with this post. I got this tag from chinkee (hi sis! i hope your reading this :p)

Here we go:

1. Are you photogenic? - i think so, i can fool alot of people :p
2. What time do you go to bed? - usually around 11 pm, i make sure that i am already in bed sleeping soundly before 12 mn
3. What was the last thing you did before this? - i installed the printer
4. Who do you call if you need help? - financially, mom; atbp, ace/gwen/ley/sheng (closest people) ; problems, none i prefer keeping it to myself
5. What's on your mind now? - i feel like crying, if only I can do so
6. With whom you wanna be right now?- I just wanna be with my mom now. I miss her so.
7. What movie do you wanna watch now? - ocean's 13 has a great review, so I guess I'll stick with that for now
8. When was the last time you went out? - of the house, just yesterday for some groceries and again today, to the airport.
9. What do you hate the most for now? - MYSELF, I feel miserable today
10. What do you do everyday besides eat? - type, type, type at mylot
11. Colors that make you happy? - red
12. Most fave things in your room? - bed
13. Miss someone? - my mom
14. Plan to buy something? - a lot :D
15. Are you satisfied with your life now? - I'm surviving so I guess it's okay but I prefer to improve more
16. Do you like seafood? - particularly, shrimps (sinigang na hipon)
17. Breakfast or dinner? - lunch :)
18. Like chocolates? - I'm addicted to it
19. Do you have a phone? - a cellular phone? I have 2, both old models (hand-me-downs ;)
20. What's your favorite fast food? - KFC, Wendy's
21. Cats or Dogs? - none
22. Salty or Sweet? - I prefer everything sweet
23. City or countryside? - definitely countryside
24. Is kissing normal for your age? - of course!!!
25. Are you athletic? - not anymore
26. Favorite band for now - that will have to be hale
27. Do you have your own cellphone? yup, 2 of it (just like what I stated earlier)
28. What do you wear to bed? - it depends on how hot or how cold the night will be
29. Ever had a crush on a teacher in highschool? - none that I can think of, but in college I had a couple of crushes among them
30. Coke or pepsi - coke
31. Sugar or spice? - I'd like to be the spice at times
32. Can you use chopsticks? - yup, more than good enough
33. Did you care about geting ggod grades? - yup, it was my goal when I was still in school
34. Have you ever fallen asleep in class? - I don't think so, but there are times that I almost fell asleep
35. Get a job or ask your parents for money? - even if I have a job, it is still not enough... but I ask from my husband more often
36. Is your dad strict? - in some ways, but as my friends say, I have the coolest dad among our barkada
37. Do your parents give you enough privacy? - yup
38. DO your parents trust you? - I hope so ;)
39. DO you make freinds quickly? - I think so
40. Do you tell your mom everything? - as much as I wanted but there are times that I prefer not to tell things that might hurt her feelings
41. What do you & your parents fight about most? - with my dad, more on his being "makulit"; with my mom, her being so stubborn that she won't listen to me
42. If you love someone & he rejected you, what will you do? - I'd forget about him, move on with my life
43. Rap or sing? - I'm trying to do some rap but it won't come out of my mouth
44. What do you think about this survey? - enough to take my mind off other things ;p