alphabet of life

A is for Accent: i don't think i have one; but hubby usually says that i can't hide the fact that I am an Ilocana because I always remind him my "ngarud"

B is for Biggest expense: travel, phonecalls and food; this is due to our long distance arrangement

C is for Chore I hate: i would say, it would be cooking! but i would also like to cook, once in a blue moon

D is for Dad's name: Marcelo; before when i was younger, i wished i was named 'marcela' because my lola's (my dad's mother) sister likes me so much... and her name was marcela

E for Essential cosmetic item: lotion and cologne... does comb counts? i just love to smell good but i cant tolerate strong scents

F is for Favorite perfume or cologne: johnson's baby cologne... polo for her... basta mild scent lang talaga, cause pag strong, it triggers my migraine

G is for Gold or silver: white gold... the last pieces of jewels i bought were white gold... hindi kasi lapitin ang itsura. unlike our wedding ring na gold, sobrang attractive... lalo na sa magnanakaw

H is for Hometown: i was born in Isabela, raised and studied in different parts of Luzon... nursery - kinder: tuguegarao; grade 1 & 2: manila, caloocan; grade 3-4: baguio city; grade 5-6: tuguegarao uli then 1st yr hs - baguio city; 2nd - 4th yr: cauayan, isabela; college until now - baguio city na... so i guess, wala talaga akong hometown

I is for Insomnia: if sleeping at 12 and waking up at 10 is considered being an insomniac

J is for Job title: operations manager... entrepreneur... businesswoman

K is for Kids: i love kids but we don't have any right now... in case we'd have soon, we'll name the girl something that has hubby's name in it... 'gwen mari' siguro but if its gonna be a boy, definitely it would be 'cesar miguel'

L is for Living arrangements: seperated... we have a long distance relationship right now... living with our own families

M is for Mom's birthplace: Baler, Quezon... but she's a true blue Pangasinense

N is Number of apples you've eaten: huh?! how do you expect me to remember such number :)

O is for Overnight hospital stays: haven't been inside for quite sometime now, the last time was june 2003... i think that was for about 5 days...

P is for Phobia: rats, closed spaces, being alone... but i'm slowly overcoming it now

Q is for Quest: to build a healthy and happy family, at the same time own a business which would last for more than 10 years

R is for Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

T is for Time I wake up: 9-10am... depends on who's house i am

U is for Unnatural hair colors I've worn: none... i haven't tried coloring my hair yet

V is for Vegetable I refuse to eat: okra... i hate the slimy feeling of it going down my throat; cucumber (if its a vegetable)

W is for Worst habit: keeping quiet when i am angry

X is for X-rays I've had: 1 for a medical exam... yearly exams, before I entered business

Y is for Yummy foods I make: baked mac...

Z is for Zodiac sign: Pisces... i am a true blue dreamer

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